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Our Story


``Our goal is to continue to develop innovative and disruptive technology that will excel the growth of the Automotive Aftermarket``

John Bunting
COO, Rev Parts Management

Our History

2008 The Company was Founded

  • Fuse5 was launched in the fall after an Automotive Aftermarket distributor, frustrated with the lack of technology solutions, commissioned our founder to build a business management platform. That solution needed to be in a language that allowed flexibility and explosive growth. Leveraging Cloud-Based computing capabilities on a LAMP Stack provided that platform.

2011 Warehouse Management System

  • Fuse5 adds WMS functionality to the platform.

2012 Fuse5 takes to the sky

  • Fuse5 Introduces First True Cloud-Based Technology Designed For Automotive Aftermarket.
  • Fuse5 takes on first collision customer.

2013 Fuse5 ad Shop Management Software (SMS)

  • More than 100 shops go live over the next 3 years.

2014 Fuse5 adds UK division

  • More than 20 locations in UK and Ireland go live in the first year. 

2015 Fuse5 announces split

  • As we continue to grow sales and strive to better support the ever-growing customer base in the automotive aftermarket, Fuse5 has split into two companies: Fuse5 Automotive Software; which will manage the sales, marketing and customer support. And Specter Solutions; which will manage the product architecture, development and product support.
  • Top Part Motor Factors, Ireland Goes Live on True-Cloud System with Fuse5

2016 A shifting tide … Leadership changes at Fuse5

  • In October of 2016 Fuse5 leadership recognized that the founder was no longer willing/able to carry the company forward.
  • Fuse5 with a reassured direction of exclusivity in the Automotive Aftermarket becomes Fuse5 Automotive Software.
  • John Bunting steps up as COO and takes charge of leadership at Fuse5 Automotive Software and begins a new chapter of growth and development for the company.

2018 Spanish version of Fuse5 released

  • Fuse5 Automotive Software continues to improve to meet the demand for solutions that will make Automotive Aftermarket businesses technologically relevant in an increasingly competitive environment.


What makes Fuse5 the best Business Tool, according to AAPEX voters, is the fact that it covers the entire distribution channel from manufacturing to shops all on one platform allowing data sharing like never before possible

2014 Winner: New Product Showcase Winner 2014 (Business Tools & Services)

2015 Winner: New Product Showcase Winner 2015 (Business Tools & Services)

2017 Winner: New Product Showcase Winner 2017 (Technology)

2018 Winner: New Product Showcase Winner 2018 (Spanish Version)

2019 Rev Parts Management is here!

The Fuse5 Automotive Software team has brought on additional partners and investors to continue its next phase of growth. With over a dozen new customers in 2019 alone Fuse5 Automotive Software has been growing well on its own. But with newfound capitol and team members FAS has reconfigured into Rev Parts Management Software and will be developing even further into 2020 and beyond.

We decided to evolve and improve upon the already great solution and continue to provide the #1 ERP for shops and distributors! What does this mean for you? That your product will continue to excel as it has before and will improve greatly in the years to come! Working with many partners and our customers we shall continue to develop new functionality and integrations in an effort to service the automotive aftermarket more completely. We shall remain true to being automotive aftermarket exclusive software and are looking forward to bringing forth the greatest solutions within the cloud!