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Inventory Management Solution(IMS)

Manage all facets of your inventory in one place.

View, track, adjust, and research inventory from within Rev to have total control of everything coming in and out of your locations.

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Tracking Costs - Pricing

Tracking Costs – Pricing

Manage costs more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Easily update costs
Import and export options make updating supplier pricing super fast and easy. You can even automate import settings to save extra time.

Automated changeovers
Using an interchange file from your supplier, Rev Parts Managment can automate the entire changeover process including re-box, sell-down or vendor buy-back—all within less than 60 seconds of set-up.

Automate with FTPs
Vendors can connect to our FTP, or we can connect to theirs. Either way, the entire cost tracking process from mapping to formulas can be automated.

Jobber pricing, discounts and true costs
If your supplier provides you a different cost than your own, Rev can automatically adjust that for you on the fly. Rev also allows you to hold your true cost for Cost of Goods Sold and manage sell prices from other price fields, which don’t have to update with real costs. Now you don’t have to pass your discount on to your customer. All this in less than 20 percent of the time you currently spend trying to manage this process.

Account for discounts
Apply discounts or coupons to an account’s web or stock orders for a set length of time, or run them indefinitely.

Track account balances
When you create or apply deposits and gift cards, Rev will track them for each account.

No third-party software required
Rev has everything you need to easily manage your cost updates.

No data limits
All price sheet data is safe and saved forever in Rev’s private cloud environment hosted by Rackspace.

Why Choose Us

  • Automatically update costs if you get a discount
  • Real time data between all systems in Rev
  • No limit on the number of programs you can make
  • Easily view account balances
  • Secure information hosted by Rackspace

Popular Questions

Once you set up a customer rebate tracker you are done! No having to create reports at the end of each month.

Yes, you may update each customer to have their own set of rules regarding rebates, eligibility, customer tier or part type.

You may set up a FTP’s either with Revs software or using your vendors, once connected the process can be entirely automated.

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FIFO - LIFO - Average Costs

Choose how you want to track every inventory dollar.
Track costs your way
Track costs by current costs, average landed cost, first-in-first-out (FIFO), and last-in-first-out (LIFO).
Update LIFO in real time
When your costs get updated in Rev, your LIFO reserve updates accordingly.
Customize average cost
Factor store transfers, special orders, buyouts and freight into your product costs with opt-in/opt-out boxes along the way.
Synchronize data
With Rev, all your FIFO, LIFO and average costs data is always synced with your real-time reports.
Automatic calculations
Automatically calculate average landed cost during purchasing and receiving. Choose to factor distributed freight or duty between some or all the parts as well.
Multi-location tracking
Track in-transit inventory separately so you know where all assets are at all times

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